Modern German and  European History, Military History and Women’s and Gender History
(19th – 20th centuries)

Including the following fields:

  •  comparative and transnational history,
  •  family history,
  •  history of education,
  •  history of  everyday lives,
  •  history of experiences, memories and identities,
  •  history of masculinity,
  •  history of the military, war and violence,
  •  history of nation and nationalism,
  •  history of political concepts and culture,
  •  history of welfare states and social and population policy,
  •  history of the women’s movement,
  •  labor history, the history of working-class culture and the labor  movement,
  • oral history.



Forgotten Soldiers:  Women, the Military and War

More Information

Read more on DIE ZEIT Online, 17 May 2015: Karen Hagemann, “Die vergessenen  Soldatinnen”.

Read more in The Berlin Journal, Spring 2015: Karen Hagemann, “Good Soldiers: Women and the Military in World War II”.  (PDF)

You can also listen to the Panel Discussion on “Anti War: Rethinking the Twentieth Century”, Australian Public Radio, Brisbane, 30 July 2014.